Orrick, Missouri

Mudhole Farms

The Mudhole Duck Club is a private duck club located one mile from the Missouri River near Orrick, Missouri, 35 miles northeast of Kansas City. 

For nearly a century, this property has been well-known as a duck hunter’s favorite with large numbers of migrating waterfowl returning year after year.  Guided by the geographical location, waterfowl arrive every season to feed and gather in this vast river bottom area. The club’s nearly 500 acres are located in the lowest part of the river bottom that provides robust moist soil ecology over varying water levels and diverse habitats. Food plots are planted with rice, corn, sorghum and millets to enhance the natural food sources found in abundance on this unique property. Aquatics, invertebrates and natural foods excel in the rich ecosystem. The Mudhole Duck Club is carefully pressure managed for high productivity and the ultimate hunting experience for its owners and guests. Our ownership group is small and dedicated to the old school waterfowl style of shooting decoying birds.