2020 Spring

Snow Goose Season

For the first time starting in the spring of 2020, the Mudhole Hunt Club plans to offer Spring Snow Goose hunting.  No wet and uncomfortable layout blinds, no back breaking decoy moves allowed. No muddy death marches. We hunt over what is likely the largest fixed spread of full body snow goose decoys in all of Missouri with nearly 4000 full body snow geese and floaters on our combo water, dry field spread.  Using the finest decoys, electronic calls/speakers, the massive spread is an absolute magnet for migrating snow geese. While our bottoms do not hold the sheer numbers of snow geese seen in traditional snow goose hunting areas, a large population of snow geese stage in our river bottoms in the spring and the club lies directly in the path of migrating snows as they push back north on the spring migration.  With very little hunting pressure in our area, we have excellent success at decoying adult snow geese from the comfort of a heated 24 foot pit blind that can comfortably hunt 8 people including the guide. If you want to shoot decoying adult snows, then consider hunting with us. The one caveat is the Spring Snow goose season is 100% driven by regional weather and you must be flexible when scheduling. We are not going to hunt if we do not have a large enough local population or if conditions are not conducive to seeing migrators, period.  This means you must be willing/able to be flexible to reschedule with potentially only a few days’ notice. We are not going to sit in a pit all day to scratch out a few birds in order to take your money.

Our pricing is very simple.  We can handle a max of 7 shooters…The pit is $1200 a day whether you have 1 shooter or 7.  We will not mix parties unless you direct us to. Yes, you can find cheaper hunts. Here is our promise…If we don’t believe you are going to have success on the dates of your hunt, we will cancel and attempt to move you. We recommend booking 3 days as weather is very hard to predict with any degree of accuracy on a specific day.   We will only book a limited numbers of hunts as our members/owners also hunt and we want the flexibility required to move you if needed. We typically have substantial populations of geese in early Feb.

In most years, the big push happens throughout February and early March.  Snowpack north will delay the migration and push us into April, but that is rare.   In a typical season, we average 10 to 20 birds a day usually with only 3 to 4 shooters.  On strong migration days, you will have 25 to 80 bird days. Outfitters who claim they shoot 100 bird days regularly are telling you a lie.  The typical snow goose hunt for most outfitters is shooting at multiple groups at 50 to 70 yards and hoping to scratch out a bird or two and at the end of the day you maybe have killed 20 birds while lying in a cold muddy field with your gun all dirty, back aching, ears pounding and sleep deprived from the crappy hotel you stayed in wondering what the hell you are doing.   We have all been there and done that. We prefer to drive the Ranger Crew to the pit and sit in comfort, dry and warm.

Our pits are clean and comfortable with padded swivel chairs and all day hunt is not difficult.  Plus, with the way our pits are set up, you can actually see the working birds easily and shooting is a breeze versus trying to set up from the layout blind and it is much safer as well.  Nothing is more exciting than watching a big group of migrators lock up and start circling from against a blue sky backdrop, Nothing is more fun as you wait with anticipation as these weary birds work their way down into the kill hole.  The massive spread is not something these geese see often and it resembles real feeds or resting spots versus the guys running 200 to 300 decoys and the geese definitely are more difficult to decoy over wind socks versus full bodies. And for those who think E callers are all that, we watch every year countless groups of snows go right into our spread when no one is hunting.  Yes, we use them, but it’s not the reason they decoy.

We are now booking limited dates for Feb/March only.   To learn more about our Spring Snow goose hunt or schedule a hunt, please send an email to Info@mudholeduckclub.com  Please make sure you provide your contact information in your email.